If I Knew The Words To Say

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year

Since that day filled with so much fear.

I remember watching from the couch in my home

And feeling very, very alone.

I wanted to wake up and have it all be a dream,

Or have someone say it wasn’t what it seemed.

“Oh, it was nothing more than a hoax.

Can’t you people just take a joke?!”

But I know the truth behind that day,

Because I’ve seen it on every officer’s face.

The trauma. The pain.

No, this wasn’t just some game.

This was real…too real,

And I still don’t really know exactly how to feel.

Nor can I find the right things to say

To show my gratitude for that day.

But I have to try to speak what I feel,

Because if I don’t then who will?

I’ve known trauma and hurt and pain,

And I’ve watched you struggle with the same.

Some say, “It wasn’t that bad. Leave it in the past,” yet

I promise there are those of us who won’t forget.

You carried us through one of the darkest periods of our lives.

It’s because of you that democracy continues to survive.

I study American history, so I know

How easily it can all come down with a single blow.

But you stood on the line, in the fire

So that we as a nation could continue to inspire.

It hasn’t been in vain, the struggle, the ache.

You gave us one more day where we got to feel safe.

Not everyone is going to want to do what I do,

So let me be the one to say, “Thank you.”

We’ve called you “hero” for what you did on that stage,

But the truth is, a hero is what you are every day.

Each day before and every day since

You put your life on the line to protect and defend.

It shouldn’t have taken something like that

For us to recognize what an incredible gift we have.

So although I’m not certain, I think it might sound this way,

If I knew all the right words to say.