Empty Chairs

In the spring of 1942

She said goodbye to the life she knew

Sent her son off to some foreign land

Far from the tender care of her loving hands

Now worry’s the only thing she can feel

As her family sits for their evening meal

She sends up a silent prayer

As she stares at that empty chair

Though many years have come and gone

Still we sing the same old song

A little girl in ballet shoes

Her dad away in his Navy blues

Her mama watches from the crowd

Recording these moments that make them proud

While thinking of the one that can’t be there

Next to her in that empty chair

So many have answered to the call

To go and fight for us all

Leaving a vacant space behind

To take a place on the front line

Freedom is an unfilled old church pew

A deserted couch in a living room

A neighborhood bar stool left so bare

Thank God for those empty chairs

I thank God for those empty chairs