I grew up in the midst of Eastern North Carolina’s rural farmlands surrounded by yellow pines and open fields. In 2003, I moved to the western part of the state to attend college at the beautiful mountain campus of the University of North Carolina – Asheville and remained in the area until briefly relocating to Charlotte in 2012. After an eight-month stay in the Queen City, I returned to my eastern North Carolina roots and am currently residing in the City of Oaks (aka Raleigh).

I earned my BA in History from UNCA in 2007. Throughout my undergraduate coursework, I primarily focused on American History, completing courses such as Colonial & Revolutionary America, Jefferson’s America, North Carolina History, and The Modern South. Additionally, I completed a short internship with the university’s Special Collections in fulfillment of a Public History course requirement. My undergraduate thesis, entitled Tying the Knot: Marriage Traditions in Cherokee Society, examined the changing dynamics of tribal rituals in courtship, marriage, and clan membership.

In 2023, I completed an MA in History with a concentration in Public History from Southern New Hampshire University. My graduate studies included courses in research, comparative history, historiography, digitization, archival and museum management, and exhibition development. [Please see my Portfolio for more information on my completed coursework.] Per capstone requirements, I successfully submitted my Master’s thesis and corresponding online exhibit, “This Period of Grave Crisis”: North Carolinians Respond to Brown, 1954-1974, which explored the state’s diverse reactions to a move by the United States Supreme Court to declare racial segregation in the country’s public schools unconstitutional.