A New Winter Day

The sun rises on freshly fallen snow

As a new winter day begins

The air is crisp, cool, and still

Welcoming the daylight in

The land transformed into a world of white

Awakens to the dawn

A farmer emerges from his home

Shaking away a sleepy yawn

He pauses for a moment to take in the scene

This place of glorious white

The fields covered by a blanket of snow

Falling softly in the night

In the east comes the sun and its radiant warmth

Casting colors across the snow

The vast blue of the sky above

Shows off its brilliant glow

The evergreens bent low to the ground

Beneath the icy weight

Greet the farmer as he walks on past

The rusty metal gate

He travels on stopping here and there

To glance at the lovely scene

The frozen surface of the fishing pond

Reveals a dazzling sheen

He crosses the field to the wooden barn

Looming dark against the snow

As he opens the door to walk inside

A soft breeze begins to blow

He glances back one last time

At the world outside the door

Then pulling his coat tight around him

He begins his daily chores