Technology is an awesome thing. In a matter of seconds, it allows me to connect to people all over the world, and I often do. The answer to nearly any question my mind can conceive is just a Google search away. Technology allows me to make money from home while I pursue my dreams. It truly is wonderful.

It is also an incredible distraction. Most of us are constantly attached to some sort of device which frequently sends out random bells, whistles, and chimes to be certain that we do not (or more accurately, cannot) ignore it. It also allows us easy access to comparison 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, there are so many pros to technology, but as with everything, we can’t ignore the cons.

Maybe the worst con of this technology-driven era in which we live, is that it keeps us constantly busy. People walk with head down staring at an iPhone or iPad and miss what’s around them. When is the last time you just stopped and took in the nature surrounding you? When was the last time you set down the device and glanced out a window or up at the sky? How much we miss when we are not aware!

Despite all of the evil in our world, we still live in a land of beauty. Choose to just be and discover all that Nature has to offer. Fields of wildflowers waving in a warm breeze. A clear blue sky beckoning to be admired. A brilliant sunset concluding a beautiful day. A sliver of moon peaking out on a hot summer night. Oh, how much there is to notice! Let’s learn to just be.