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The Start of Something Big

February 27, 2017

The Start of Something Big

Sunni Jeffers

The Grace Chapel Inn series follows the lives of the Howard sisters and the citizens of Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania. The Start of Something Big finds Alice Howard planning a trip to New York City and Jane Howard struggling to balance a new relationship with her responsibilities to her family and friends. This book, like the others in the series, proves there is never a dull moment in the small town.

While Alice is anxiously trying to organize her trip, Jane is stuck juggling her personal and professional life. A large hardware store has opened in the neighboring town stealing business from the small local owners. When she goes to confront the manager of the large store, she finds him to be charming and attractive, and an accidental relationship begins which could jeopardize her friendships and her loyalty to the people of Acorn Hill.

Most of the books in this series are very easy reads. This one was no exception. It was basic and straightforward – no plot twists or turns here. I was slightly annoyed by the characters in this one. Nellie, who accompanies Alice on the trip to NYC, was overly cautious and fearful. As a fashionista and business owner, it seems unlikely and ill-conceived for her to possess these qualities. Jane’s budding relationship with Todd Loughlin has an abrupt change which seemed far-fetched and really left me with a bad taste in my mouth toward this character. The story was “okay”, but overall, I was unimpressed.

♥♥♥   of 5

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