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Sing a New Song

February 8, 2017

Sing a New Song

Sunni Jeffers

The Grace Chapel Inn series follows the lives of Louise Smith, Alice Howard, and Jane Howard, three sisters running a bed and breakfast in the small town of Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania. The series also introduces a variety of characters from inn guests to town locals. It chronicles the adventures of the sisters as they navigate life and business.

In Sing a New Song, Alice and Jane prepare to host a scrapbooking weekend at the inn, while Louise heads to California to attend a music camp with her daughter. Alice learns a new skill; Jane finds out that her cooking style is probably best suited to the inn guests; and Louise finds out that the traditional way is not always the only way.

My mom introduced me to this series, and I have since read several of the books. Each one has its own unique flair, some which work, some which do not. This book was not my favorite. Jane’s attempts to teach children professional techniques in the kitchen made her seem naive. Louise’s constant complaining throughout her camp experience made her seem juvenile and petty. The story was good overall, but I was not as impressed as with others from this series.

♥♥♥   of 5

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