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Little Town on the Prairie

March 31, 2017

Little Town on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder

This seventh book in the Little House series continues to follow the Ingalls family’s new life in De Smet, South Dakota. Laura is now fifteen and is ready to experience all that life can bring. Not wanting to risk another hard winter like the last, Pa once again moves the family from their homestead to his building in town. Before settling in, the family must say goodbye to Mary who is moving to Iowa to attend the college for the blind.

Life in town brings new adventures for Laura. She accepts her first paying job, becomes one of the best students in school, and finds herself once again in competition with Nellie Olsen. With winter comes dinner parties and literary meetings proving that life in the small prairie town is anything but dull. New friends and an increasingly interested Almanzo Wilder keep Laura entertained well enough until she is offered a teaching position in a neighboring settlement. Gone are Laura’s wild childhood days.

This book relates Laura’s struggles of growing up very well. While she knows she must act as a young lady, she still has those little girl longings for play and freedom. This has been one of my favorites from the series thus far. This one, I felt, had much more action than the previous ones. Since the family is now settled, the story can focus on their lives rather than their travels. However, this book, unlike the others, has been the subject of controversy due to a particular scene featuring white actors in black face. This was common among the minstrel shows of the time but has become increasingly controversial. Despite this, I feel that the book adequately captured the ins and outs of small town prairie life.

♥♥♥♥♥ of 5

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