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Cross Roads

January 30, 2017

Cross Roads

Wm. Paul Young

Cross Roads follows the life of Anthony Spencer, a successful businessman, who has everything going for him and yet nothing at all. A sudden medical emergency leaves Tony fighting for his life in ICU. While still in a coma, he “wakes” to find himself in another world where he is introduced to a cast of characters from a young man with down syndrome to an elderly Native American grandmother.

Throughout his journey, Tony must confront the damage done by his life choices and begin to make repairs to the relationships he sacrificed for success. He is gifted an unusual power which can only be used once. To decide where to use this power, he must tap into every lesson he has learned along the way.

I read The Shack (Young’s first book) several years ago and was struck by its uniqueness. It was truly unlike anything I had previously read. It’s use of symbolism and vast array of characters to represent the Trinity was striking and effective. Cross Roads was very similar. While the story is clearly different, Young chose to use the same format for his second book. The story is moving, but as someone who has previously read The Shack, I found his use of representations a bit stale. The book is well-written. However, I was not as impressed as I’d hoped I’d be.

♥♥♥♥  of 5

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