Diary of a Country Dame

The Unofficial Musings of a Woman on the Edge

Category: Poetry

My North Carolina Home

Home is a dogwood bloom
A long-leaf pine
A Carolina moon
Home is a cardinal red
A run-down barn
A rusted shed
Home is an open field
A John Deere tractor
A daffodil
Home is the smell of fresh-cut grass
Flowers growing wild
Sweet tea in a glass
Home is grapes growing red on the vine
A hawk in the sky
A place to unwind

Home is a spring watching flowers bloom all around
Home is an autumn with leaves falling to the ground
Home is a summer spent fishing a small pond
Home is a winter waking to a blanket of snow at dawn

Home is my mom hanging clothes on the line
Home is my dad in his shop just passing the time
Home is the place where memories were made
Where prayer was a part of every day

Home is the place I’ll always long to be
Among the yellow pines and the evergreens
No matter where life takes me this one thing I see
My North Carolina home will be there waiting for me

Ode To Summer

June night
Soft moonlight
Catching fireflies
Light in our eyes

Fourth of July
Spirits high
Fireworks light
A darkened sky

August days
Ocean waves
Cares away
Summer haze

A day spent care-free on the beach
The sound of slamming front porch screens
Sipping lemonade under the shade of a tree
Running barefoot wild and free

The heat of the day beading on skin
Standing with a rod waiting to reel in
Family reunions bringing back kin
Yes summer’s here again